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Global Surgery Volunteer Work

For the last several years Dr. Osler has been volunteering in Africa to help train other doctors and assist them in seeing and treating their patients. Uganda is a low-income country (annual GDP $680 US) with a population of 37.8 million people, the majority of whom live in a rural setting. Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) or Otolaryngology services are an important aspect in any health care system and the burden of ENT disease is tremendously high in low-income countries. In Uganda there are about 30 ENT specialists country-wide (some of whom do primarily administrative work and do not see patients) serving a total population of about 37 million (2014); this works out to a ratio of 0.08 ENT specialists: 100,000 people. In contrast, Canada has a ratio of 2.1 ENT specialists: 100,000 people (source: 2015 CMA masterfile).

Mbarara is the largest urban center in the western Uganda with a rapidly growing population that has more than doubled in the last 4 years (82,000 to 195,000 in the 2010 and 2014 censuses respectively). The city is home to one of three national referral hospitals, Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital (Mbarara Hospital) which is affiliated with the medical school at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). It is a public hospital with over 600 beds that is often over capacity. The Otolaryngology department at MUST consists of three staff physicians and is currently training three residents. The department has a mission:

  • To develop capacity to offer the best public otolaryngologic care for residents of Uganda
  • To continue faculty excellence through professional and skills development
  • To provide comprehensive training to the residency group and medical students

Through an ongoing collaboration with Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE), University of British Columbia (UBC)/University of Manitoba (U of M)/Canadian Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (CSO-HNS), the group works at building the educational infrastructure of the MUST Otolaryngology department and expanding their clinical capacity to improve the quality of local care. Through a tradition of three trips to MUST per year (2 MEE and 1 CSO-HNS), the collaboration has enhanced training through teaching by international faculty, fellowship opportunities, seminars, training courses and collaborative research.


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